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Within the enclosed pastures that surround the village of Gello separating it from the municipal road, and protected by a natural belt of vegetation a shared swimming pool dedicated to the guests of Casedigello and Fattoria Antaura has recently been completed. It can be reached at the end of a shaded downhill path about 100 m. from the central lawn of gello.

The pool measures 17.00 x 5.85 meters for a total area of approximately 100 square meters, has a flat bottom with a maximum height of m. 1.45 and is completely paved in a stone with a heterogeneous color, matching with the local landscape. The surrounding area arranged with alabaster boulders extracted from the excavation provides separate parking areas to protect the privacy of guests.

The pool is fenced and access is regulated and subject to variable seasonal opening depending on the climate of each year.