Getting to Gello

Approaching from Livorno on the highway to Roma, proceed through Rosignano until the Cecina Nord exit signal. Then take indication to Volterra by SR68. Proceed approx 15 km and drive through Casino di Terra Village. In 4 km, a blue “GELLO3” signal point out to a left turn. Ignore that and proceed instead on SR 68 for 1.5 km until a second blue “GELLO3” signal points at a left turn.

Take this turn and follow a road flanked by cypress driving uphill for almost 2,5 km, passing by three distinguished farmhouses. After the third one, at the top of a slope the road divides in two directions. Take the red gravel road on your left ignoring the black road on the right going downwards.

Proceed along the red gravel road for approximately 400 meters, then after a wide U turn reach a dead end in front of the Casa dell’Arco.

Walk through the archway and across the “piazzetta” to find Giada’s house below the old olive tree.

We exhort our guests to ignore navigator directions during the last km, these being suitable to mislead on a slightly shorter but more complicated track through the first GELLO3 signal.

The actual geographic position is 43.345316, 10.703424

(total distance From Cecina Nord is approximately 18 km along NR 68.)

Travelling along Firenze-Roma highway, get out at Colle Val D’Elsa, then proceed along NR 68 through Volterra, and Saline di Volterra and Ponteginori. 4km after Ponteginori turn right at a blue “GELLO 3” road signal.

Following this rad flanked by cipress, drive uphill for almost 2,5 km passig by three distinguished farmhouse.

After the third one at the top of a slope the road divides in two directions.

Take the red gravel road on your left ignoring the black road going downwards on your right. Proceed along the red gravel road for 400 meters then after a wide U turn reach a dead end in front of Casa dell’Arco.

Walk through the archway and across the “piazzetta” to find Giada’s house below the old olive tree.

We exhort our guests to ignore car navigator directions during these last km, these being suitable to mislead on a slightly shorter but more complicated path.

(total distance From Colle Val d’Elsa is approx 40 km. on NR 68)

Railway station distance:
Cecina 18 km
Livorno 40 km

Airports distance:
Pisa 80 km
Firenze 110 km


CYCLING: a growing mass of cyclists rides the shady surroundings roads , whose tortuous track is mostly unsuitable to the speed of car traffic. Several ring routes reach the neighboring municipalities with distances enough for everyone, from a quiet round-trip through the woods to Montecatini Val di Cecina up to a more ambitious climb of the hill of Volterra and beyond. Leave your bike at home and borrow our four MTBs with appropriate speed changes and child seats. Maps and guides in quantity to foster your effort will be found in the laboratory . It is fair to specify that fortunately, or maybe not in the issue, Gello stands at the top of a hill and that inevitably the return home requires a climb. But you can always follow it on foot ..

BEACHLIFE AND NOT ONLY BY SEA: Gello is located in the hinterland of Valdicecina but the sea can be seen between two hills 20 km away, allowing you to glimpse the shapes of the ships on the horizon in the clearest days. Within a radius of thirty kilometers, several free beaches are reachable, among which we definitely recommend Marina di Castagneto Carducci and Marina di Bibbona with its large pinewood known as “ il tombolo”.
A turn of the Cecina stream forced between two rocky slopes has produced a succession of natural pools where it is possible to dive and a larger pool closed by an artificial dam to swim or even take a shower under the current stream. This is the wildlife area known as Masso delle Fanciulle / Masso degli specchi which can be reached in 20 minutes by car and as 20 minutes walking in the woods .
Gello is at the limit of the Larderello geothermal area, thus the colder seasons guests may enjoy a warmer water temperature than usual taking advantage of the bathing facilities of Sasso Pisano or Casciana Terme. An evening of January swimming in the dark among the steam of the natural pool “il Calidario” is an unforgettable and mystical experience. Check out our dedicated admission ticket.

MUSEUMS: The distance from the cities of Pisa, Florence and Siena is within 90 minutes by car, definitely within the reach of a daily visit, but do not underestimate the smaller towns like Volterra with the Roman theater and the theatrical festival, Colle Val d’Elsa and San Giminiano, located within 35 km from home. Montecatini Val di Cecina was until 1904 the site of the largest European copper mine, and the visit to the Mining Museum with a passage in the galleries a few meters underground is an exciting experience especially for children.

WALKING: We are surrounded by a forest area crossed by paths through which you can easily reach the nearest centers. Should you feel too tired to come back in the end, call us and someone will come to pick you up.

CHILDREN, EVEN THE SMALL ONES: Gello is a complex of ancient houses surrounded by nature, particularly suitable for families of travelers with growing children. Thinking about the organizational complexity of travel, we provide bicycles and tricycles of varying sizes, inflatable swimming pools, a tree platform, various toys and an equipment consisting of stroller, changing table, cot, and high chair. Ask us what you need, we might probably have it.

DONOTHING: our coveted specialty! Comfortable sofas, deckchairs in the shade and hammocks hanging in strategically ventilated spots. A library to explore. Lazy people we await you open arms.


Q: Are prices all-inclusive or are there any additional charges?
A: Prices include use of water, power, and final housekeeping.
Gas consumption from heating and hot water as marked by the individual meter will be checked at guest arrival and departure, and billed at the same price paid at the local supplier. Original invoice will be made available.
In winter time, assuming temperature is as low as 0° C. the daily incidence may be the following:
€ 20,00/day House le Acque
€ 20,00/day House il Sarperi
€ 15,00/day House la Scuola
Room temperature can be adjusted at your taste in each apartment.
Cottages are previously heated at our expense.
No further expenses or extra will be charged.

Q: Are sheets provided?
A: Cottages are provided with sheets, blankets, towels, tablecloths, dishcloths and so on. Please bring your own sea mat and towel, or ask for a specific one.

Is kitchenware provided?

A: Kitchens are supplied with everything you need for cooking, and a dishwasher too. Basic ingredients like sugar, salt, coffee, pasta, together with a small selection of the best products from the farms nearby are supplied.

Q: Are there washing machines?
A: two washing machines and a tumble dryer are available in a common area.

Q: What time breakfast is served?
A: Facility is self-catering, and meals are not provided . Each cottage has its own kitchen facilities. So breakfast is whenever you decide. But we will be pleased to supply everything you wish

Q: Is Casedigello an Hotel? A B&B?A boarding house? An agriturismo?
A: Casedigello is a residence. From a guest’s point of view, there is virtually no difference from an ordinary agriturismo. Besides, Casedigello is one of the tourist facilities recognized by the Tuscany Region . In fact we are listed in the Region’s official website, as well as in the Montecatini Val di Cecina Township website. CasediGello is a registered commercial activity at the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Pisa.

Q: Is there a swimming pool?
A: Yes, in 2021 we built a m. 17×6 swimming pool m.1,40 deep at 100 meters walk from Gello in a common area shared with guests from Casedigello abd Antaura farmhouse.

Q: Where do we to buy food?
A: In Ponteginori you will find a bakery, grocer, newspaper stand, and tobacco shop, pharmacy and gas station, 5 km far from us.

Q: How far is the sea?
A: 18 km east, about 20 minutes by car.
There is a wide choice of beaches, with or without bathing facilities, available along the coastline which spans from Rosignano to Bolgheri.
The Gulf of Baratti is 40 minutes away…. More reasons why we did not build a pool on the property.

Q: Is it a quiet place to stay?
A: It so quiet you can even hear the train passing by! (it’s a small local train that sometimes runs along the national road, 3km away)

Q: But will it be a boring place?
A: Let’s face it, nightlife is not our forte, but you did not want to rest? There are also hammocks under the cypresses!