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Il Laboratorio

Featuring a gross surface about 90 square meters and divided into three communicating rooms, the Laboratory Casedigello is available to our guests, who can use it for:
• read the books and guides of our library
• listen to music
• let the children play
• meet and work together

Access to the laboratory is free and unlimited for all guests of Casedigello, and available as a common activities space, such as seminars and training courses, according to the arrangements to be agreed specifically.

The laboratory is easily accessible to guests with reduced mobility, and is equipped with independent services.

Due to the thermal layer of the construction, the cottage is comfortable in summer weather without air conditioning

  • 31 sqm library: 31 sm
  • 31 sqm workshop: 31 sm
  • studio 29 sm
    • Library with reading room and fireplace
    • Common room with children's area
    • Studio with tables and chairs
    • Bathroom with accessibility for the disabled (not up to standard)
    • Free WI-FI
    • Heating with adjustable thermostat
    • Deck chairs, umbrella, table and chairs for outdoor
    • Wood-burning fireplace
    Free for guests
    Free for guests